Thursday, October 9, 2014

In Flux

For my first big drawing project, I decided to animate from life. The idea was better in theory than in execution, because, ya know, that's a lot of drawings for one project. I'm pretty happy with how the film turned out, so the long hours in the studio were definitely worth it (as they always are)! 

In Flux is an experimental piece exploring the influx of media as immersive and contaminating. The presence of misinformation pollutes the individual, spreads to the masses, and results a loss of self.

In Flux from Casey Follen on Vimeo.

Below is a little video showing a few of the drawings used:

In Flux: Process from Casey Follen on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Irish Studies

     One of my favorite classes here is Irish Studies. So far, we've been studying the natural elements of the Burren and surrounding communities. The class has been hiking all over the place! Gordon, our teacher, seems to know everything under the sun and has a tendency to take us to places that are quite a bit off the beaten track—it's crazy how many amazing places there are around here. With class every Friday, it has been great to get out of the studio and get to know this place a little better. Soon we'll start learning more about the human history that has influenced the country and the Burren itself.
Another castle... there a lot of them. I can't keep up. Still cool. 

Crazy cool sand.

Hyped to hike.

Dylan, majestic as usual. 

Look, there's Amelia!

Just climbed a mountain. NBD.

We found a wild mare and her foal!...Only a little distracting from our lesson.