Tuesday, September 23, 2014


The first few weeks of life studying in Ireland have been pretty spectacular. As a class, we’ve been traveling all over getting to know the countryside, as well as the bigger cities like Galway and Dublin. On top of getting to know the landscape, I’ve been digging into some pretty fun projects.

My most recent project was for my Mixed Media class. We were instructed to take a journey and make a work based on that experience. While visiting the home of another student in Connemara, we took a boat ride out to little island that contained the ruins of an old monetary. The island was lovely, but it was the boat ride that resonated with me and informed the work to follow.

While on the lake, I felt at home. I felt a strong nostalgia for the countless days I spent out on the lake growing up—for simple grace to Michigan summers. My life is marked with transience, but the memory of home keeps me afloat. The rowboat is a symbol of my childhood, and is furthermore a metaphor for my personal identity as I navigate the sea of adulthood in the photo series, Adrift.

Below are several images from the series:

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